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Discover the story behind Graham Cook Design, a journey that began 40 years ago in the print industry as a printer and typesetter. Today, as a freelance designer, I bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern design, using Adobe software to create brand continuity. Learn how my heritage in traditional letterpress printing techniques influences my creative approach.
Graham Cook is the son of Graham Clement Cook, Master Printer of Congleton printing company C. Cook and Son Est. 1908. Started officially working in the business in 1982 but had worked during school holidays and weekends sweeping and tidying the small print shop and doing a bit of this and that to help dad.

Worked for a number of years doing all the different jobs in the company including running the presses but was drawn to the design part of the business and became a Typesetter using an early code based computerised system.

Then shortly after the revolution of the Apple Mac Graham formed his own design outfit in 1995 dealing with the requirements of a variety of businesses over the years.

Now post Covid Graham is now poised to regrow his business in its new location of Alsager, assisting other people with their requirements.